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Whether you’re looking for peaceful beach scenes to remind you of tropical vacations, or lovely florals to bring the beauty of your garden to your walls, or sweet little objects that makes you smile, there is a wide array of paintings to choose from...

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Hello and welcome! My name is Esperanza Deese and I'm an oil and acrylic painter in Redondo Beach, California.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of the world around us: the varying colors of the sky and ocean at different times of day; the play of light and shadow on plants, objects and structures; the form and expression of people and animals as they go about their everyday activities.  

I endeavor to capture these wonderful elements in my paintings ... to brighten your walls with colorful works of art ... to help you transform the atmosphere of your space with paintings that gives you a sense of wonder, peace ... to simply enjoy everytime you look at them. 


Esperanza Deese Art Studio: Colorful artwork for your home and work spaces, by Esperanza Deese, artist.  Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, fine art prints, notecards, wall art, home decor


The beach has always been a favorite place to be. Walking on the beach brings so much inspiration: umbrellas, beach chairs, seagulls and lifeguard towers, children playing on the sand, and of course, the beautiful blue waters of the ocean itself.  

I hope these paintings make you smile and remind you of your wonderful times at the beach. 

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Flowers, and the gardens they live in, bring so much beauty and color to our world. There are flowers that bloom for a long time and there are those that only last a night.  I try to capture them in paintings so that we can enjoy them much longer.

Give a loved one with a flower painting and they will enjoy it all year and beyond.

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Esperanza's art is just wonderful! It is so heartfelt and a beautiful reminder of the area we live in.

Coryn M.

I absolutely LOVE Esperanza's art! Each painting is so beautifully made and always reflects God's handiwork. Some of my favorites are the flower paintings. I recently purchased the sunflower painting and it brightens up our apartment.

Michelle D.


Before I became a fine art painter, my interest in fruits was primarily centered on whether it was ripe enough, or sweet enough, and how it will satisfy my appetite.  But when my eyes were re-trained to see the beauty in everyday things, I began to notice their colors and shapes, their intricate interiors, even how a seed is nestled within.  Now, fruits and vegetables go through a modeling session for my paintings before they get eaten or cooked!  

These paintings will lend a wonderful pop of color on your dining room and kitchen walls.

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I love painting subjects that bring the simple joys of everyday life: coffee to get us going in the morning, a cup of tea in the afternoon, cakes and pastries for our sweet tooth, interesting sights in the neighborhood, mementos for special occasions, or just random stuff that catch my eye. 

Not only will these fun paintings provide a colorful interest on your walls, they can be a perfect conversation starter too!

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Esperanza's art is heartfelt, realistic, and up-lifting. I own one of her paintings and absolutely cherish it!

Dana C.

I love Esperanza's artwork. I'm a fan of so many of her pieces. Great for your home or to gift to a friend. She is so talented!

Wendy M.

Looking for a gift for your loved ones, friends or coworkers? I got you covered with fine art prints, notecards, tote bags, throw pillows and more gift items...

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The beautiful paintings and scripture can bring much encouragement and hope in dark times such as these.

Raquel D.

You're an inspiration everyday. 

Cathe D.

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