"Reflection" 9x12 original painting

"Reflection" 9x12 original painting

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This original oil painting is made with professional quality oil paints on museum series flat panel gessoboard.  


Unframed painting: 9" x 12" (approx 23x30 cm)

Plein aire frame: 14” x 17" (approx 36x43 cm)

Floater frame: 11.2” x 14.2” (approx 28x36 cm)


Beach Life Collection: "Reflection"

This is sort of a sequel to the other seagull painting.  Usually there is a story behind a painting, but with these two, my friends created the story.  The first seagull, "Not Looking at You", according to them was waiting for her date.  It turns out that they got their meeting venue all mixed up.  She was waiting on top of the pier, but he thought it was on the water on the other side of the pier.  She was facing north, while he was looking towards the south.  While waiting, he was reflecting on the events of the past week, and checking to see that his hair is still in place.  

"As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man." ~ Proverbs 27:19